Friday, May 30, 2014


I just recently finished a novel by Chimamanda Adichie- Half of a yellow sun. It’s about the cause, effects, and experience of the Nigerian civil war (the Biafran war). The story was so graphically written, and simply told; I felt the pain, hurt, and trials the Igbos of Nigeria went through. The book evoked deep emotions in me, and it took me a while to snap out of it and adjust to the reality of my real life environment (in which there is peace, thank God). The inhumane and insensitive attitude of the then Nigerian government towards the massacre of the Igbos had my blood boiling, and I was so close to developing hatred for the country Nigeria. I wondered how the Igbos could forgive, forget and move on from the deliberate and pointless tragedy inflicted on them; and felt like the Nigerian government and Nigerians in general should have become better for all that happened.
The book made me realise that Nigeria has never been a country to take care of her own. It’s the same now as it was then, you can see what is happening with the missing Chibok girls; it took our government THREE weeks to respond to the cry from the North, and even then they only did because the international community had immense interest in the situation. It’s sad to see that after decades passed, we have not once had a sincere, disciplined, ethical government; and Nigeria and Nigerians live with this exploitation and corruption as a normalcy.
 In a country like Nigeria, belief in a higher power is essential. The short-comings of man makes the mercifulness of God all the more apparent. We need to hold on to God, because He is really all we have. Nigeria needs prayers. We are a sick country, and we need God to help us heal. We have been blessed with abundant resources- mineral/natural resources, human resources, good weather, and a resilient attitude; we should be the Lions of Africa, but we are steadily declining. After years and decades of independence, we have no electricity, no good roads, poor education system; we have made no progress. The dreams our patriotic fathers had for this country have still not been brought to fruition.
It’s so easy to cast all the blame on our failing government, but we are all a part of our problem. If we can start to do things right, we can spearhead a change. If our predecessors have failed us, we can right their wrongs, if we have a dream for this country, we can work hard at it till we see it work out. I want to use this post, this article to inspire and rally us, the young ones to stand up for what is right, put selfish interests aside, and join hands to make Nigeria better than we met it!
God bless us all.


  1.   Firstly, i just wanna say thank you Kelechi for this blog, it's highly appreciated. May u also be rewarded in wonderful ways as u have made some of us realize we aren't alone going through the same stuff & thinking same way too. Bless U.
      Secondly, personally, it's always been known Nigeria isn't exactly wonderful, bitter truth. But lately, we notice the rate at which negative stuff around is extreme.  Just as you mentioned our chibok sisters  still haven't been found even with the global awareness. It's almost like we are kept in the dark because we have no idea of what is 'truly' going on with our supposed government, tragic.
      It's so painful to listen to the news nowadays 'cause it's always bad & i'm not one who likes to wake up to such, i don't worry (phil4:6). God knows everything before it happens, that's why he tells us to study his word morning &night.. (Josh 1:8 , Psalm 1:2) to get the gospel (goodnews) from him & have peace at heart so when we listen to bad news happening in the world we won't be frightened. (I'll protect u in the midst of evil,i don't remember the scripture lol but obv he didn't tell us the world's good, so he knows, that's why he's being our guide). Bottom line is, we can't do something about something we can't do anything about.. One can't fight a battle he can't win because it'll only wear u out..  But putting Nigeria in our prayers all the time, something will definitely happen ( mathw 18:19). So, all we can do is pray for the country to be better. May God Help Us All. Thank You Kel! x.o

  2. Thank YOU, dear! We'll keep praying for Nigeria, and hopefully our generation will finally make it better