Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm just a girl, a human like anyone of you. I have enough problems in the real world without bringing in the spiritual, but the truth is, the world is as spiritual as it is physical; if not more, and living in it as if it isn't, is merely living in denial.
What do you think of heaven and hell? Do you believe in them? Truth is, they exist! No matter how much we try to push the fact to the back of our minds, they are real (or will be soon). Do the thoughts of hell sometimes creep in your mind and scare you half to death? They do to me. And in those moments, I think to myself about how inconsequential everything on this earth really is.
I've always thought myself too smart to go to hell. Because we really have been forewarned, we have been told all the signs in the Bible. How stupid it would be to end up in hell. For all of eternity! All because we were chasing after the world and all its enticements, for the period of our SHORT stay on earth.
I fear pain, any kind of pain, even the littlest ones. I have a headache and I can't even cope (which is why I understand people who do drugs. Even the pain of being alive is enough headache for some). So I can't imagine being alive for all of eternity in a burning furnace! without the option of death or passing out. Oh the pain. Dear God, please spare me. This fear though is the bedrock of my wisdom. As it is said in the Bible- "the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Proverbs 9:10)
I want to do right by God. I want to secure my spot in heaven. I want to carry out the Great Commission- "to win souls for Christ" through sharing my Christian journey (via this blog :d). This is my first day, my first step towards being "perfect" (in His eyes).
If you have ever had this internal struggle, I'd like you to join me, and encourage me with your stories too. Let's be Christians together. Let's be the best versions of ourselves. Even while living in this world that is full of temptations. Christianity is not as hard as it seems when you think of it in its totality. We can at least try, day to day. That is what this blog is all about. "Christianity in Progress. Trying to emulate Christ everyday. Falling and starting over." I know God bless us as we try.
My name is Kelechi, and if you read this, I'd love to see your comments.
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  1. Walking daily with Christ is the only security we have as Christians. And submiting ALL unto Him is our only hope

    1. Yep, and even when it seems like all we do is fail, we have to understand that God already knows that we are not perfect. Its our efforts and thoughts and subsequent actions that count #remindertoself

  2. Christianity is a way of life and not a religion. There are no rules but guidelines and salvation is personal. The goal isn't to be perfect but to be and live like the perfect one, Christ Jesus. I've known this blogger, Kelechi for about 5 years now and she's one of the realist people I've met. I'm totally amazed and humbled by her blog and her transformation considering all that she's been through. Please support her blog. She isn't doing it for fame or popularity but to help those who are lost or need some guidance. God bless you.

  3. Hehehe, you called me "one of the realest". Greatest compliment. Thanks a lot for your support! I'm doing this also because I need as much guidance as I hope I am rendering. And I hope we can be a community that shares experiences and thoughts on being a good person (Christian) in this world. God bless you too!

  4. I am proud of you dear, keep up the good work in Christ. He has given you the grace for each day. Take it and walk on with him. Love u

  5. I believe that in life, it's never too late to turn to God. The day we decide becomes a new dawn despite all we may have done. God is the only one who would never judge us, He is our one true friend and helper. Please let's support her blog, choosing God over all other things is always the best way to start life over again. I'm proud of you Kelechi...

  6. All you need on this journey is available to you by Gods grace... Thank you for inspiring me anew. Can't wait for the wonderful things I will learn from this blog... LOVE, LIGHT & THE PEACE OF GOD.

  7. Indeed dis heavenly race is not an easy one. i just pray daily for the grace to be more like Christ.

  8. Our Christianity is a journey. We start the day we open our hearts to a love so undeserving. We're simply enraptured by His unfailing love and grace! It's a love walk, a grace walk, a life walk... :) We are all His clay and He, the potter; His works in progress. God doesn't expect us to be perfect by our strength, it is impossible, without Him we can do nothing (Jn15:5) As you rightly said darl (Kelechi) living the life is not as hard as it seems - it calls for a surrendered life, and that's what most of us struggle with. Total trust. We wanna be boss of some parts of our life. We take up the "Savior" of the born again prayer, we want to be saved from death and hell; but hold out on the "Lord" - where He is Lord of ALL aspects of our lives. I struggle with my humanity - mind, body, soul, but I am consoled by His word, because it says the flesh and spirit are constantly at war. God recognizes our frailty and when we are humble to admit that, He bears us up and show us how to live for Him. We may fall, but we rise (Prov.24:16), we may sin but do not continue in sin because we know He does not condemn us; we are His righteousness in Christ Jesus. His unconditional, non-condemning loves propels our love and gratitude as response so they guide our actions and cause us to want to keep pleasing Daddy.
    Christianity is fun, amazing, intriguing, beautiful, sheer intimacy... such a gift to this world that He's commissioned it to share it and not be selfish with this treasure - His amazing love. I am glad it defines me!
    We're all in this together. His word show us Christians were never in isolation on this journey. Thank you Kelechi for trusting and obeying... I am encouraged and motivated by your action :) You are His testimony! When we entrust our lives in God's hands it's amazing what He does with us, yeah? :) LOL... Only the beginning love!

  9. Oops! Forgot to add... Christianity is non-judgmental! (It shows His way to others in love, not judgement!) *winks