Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do what you love....

After I shared the link to my first post yesterday, almost everybody I know was astounded. From the little they know of me, no one saw this coming, and everyone kept asking the same question, “Why are you doing this?”

Well, this was a question I was asking myself too. Starting this blog wasn’t planned. I don’t even know very much about this evolving world of IT, and domain names, and e-hosting, and websites. I don’t have a master strategy to go from blogs to columns to book-writing; or from blogs to heaven (which is all I want, hehehe). I just love to write, and I’m obsessed with God and all things spiritual. That was my impulsive inspiration. That’s why I’m doing this.

When you ask any established person how they found their life path, most simply say “Do what you love”. But how can you do what you love when you don’t know what you love? Or how can you do what you love when what you love makes no money? How can you do what you love when there’s no way into your chosen industry without “selling your soul”?


I think following your life path is a lot like driving at night; your headlights don’t illuminate the entire road you hope to drive, just 20 or 30 feet ahead at a time – and that’s all you really need. You do the things that are right in front of you, and the next step will appear. You just have to make sure that you are on the right road to begin with. People these days put a lot of their hope on “self”, they say “you create the future you want” by working hard for it. This is wrong. Like Proverbs 9:12 says, “If thou art wise, thou art wise for thyself; and if thou scoffest, thou alone shall bear it”.
We can never know exactly where and what we’ll be tomorrow, no matter what we do today. We have to learn to let go of always wanting guarantees, of always wanting to be in control. We have to let go of the thought that we have to make it by ourselves. Living from day to day, doing what I love is my strategy. I’m just positioning myself on the road that I want to go. I’ve made a decision to be content, believing in God that I will be alright (even though I don’t know exactly how yet). You don’t have to bear the burden of life by yourself.

We’ve been taught to always have a plan. “What is your five-year goal?” Aaargh, I hate questions like this. I don’t know where I’ll be in five years. Neither do you. You might have an accident and lose an arm or a leg. You might lose your family fortune or you might be dead. The future does not contain some magical wand that will make our lives suddenly okay. And the earlier we come to realise that, I think the happier we all will be.

Trusting in God does not seem very practical when you think about it. It’s not like money in the bank, you can’t see Him. But when you trust in God, you have nothing to lose. It makes living on this earth a little more bearable, it gives you assurance that a higher power is working with all the elements for your good; it is a win-win situation. All you’re asked for in return is a promise to love and respect Him and the people around you, a promise to shun evil and respect your body and self.

My five-year goal is to remain happy, to listen to my intuition. To love God more every day, and to make it seem like the normal thing to do.
What’s yours?

PS: Logging in and seeing 100 page views just made my night. I love to see your comments. Let's interact! God bless you.


  1. I'm reading and wearing a huuuuuge grin cos all I'm thinking is "Like a flower she's blossoming" I thank God for His wisdom upon you and the maturing that comes from "the Holy Spirit will teach you all things".
    Commenting on ur first post only to move on to read this, to see you've hit the crux - TRUST, made me giggle. Having FAITH is what He says pleases Him (Heb11:6). When we read Matt 6:34 - don't worry about tomorrow and align it with all the talks about 5yr 10yr 20yr plan, and the write the vision Hab 2:2; it could be real confusing!!! For a control freak I've struggled real bad. I've had to let God teach me trust and it's a daily tutorial. My goal - Live a life that brings God glory. How? Following my giftings and strengths. What are they? I'm finding out daily! LOL. Lame? Maybe. Honest? You betcha! Lazyman approach? Depends on the side of the coin you're viewing. I have my plans and ideas however sketchy, I have dreams however mundane or grandiose; what I think I'd like in life. But I follow His leading and I pursue with vigor the opportunities He allows my way,to excel at them. Is that lazy? Definitely not! So are plans useless? Most definitely not! But it is knowing - WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL!! To stop fooling and grieving ourselves and let go of our inflated self actualization ego. Even the wealthiest pagan isn't self-made, because had God not allowed Him to be born or to have the length of His days, where would s/he be? If we did not create our birth, we can't claim credit for our accomplishments!
    Intuition, o my! Girl it's like u just had a sneak peek into TD Jakes latest book "Instincts", God is constantly leading us with our instincts; our intuition, that still small voice. To be dead to them is to be dead to the real us. "Ye are of God little children" ... so He's placed Godly intuition in us.
    Can't tell you enough how proud you make all of us in your life. I am particularly proud of you, always have :) not because of this beautiful platform which is awesome, but your total existence is what makes me proud. And how do we say it, He who gives the vision (what we love), would give the provision ... you're not alone with "how would what I love feed me and pay the bills", I am there, as with many I know, but knowing God like we know Him, He always makes a way!
    Stay happy! *winks*